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So, you’re thinking about selling your house.

Maybe you’ve decided; maybe you haven’t. Either way, this is a good place to start.

First, explore the resources this page offers, like our virtual tours and free seller guides. Then, contact us for information.

A few things we don’t do:

  • We don’t pressure.
  • We don’t push.
  • We don’t try to sell you with schtick. In fact, servicing you is our only schtick.

Bottom line? We’re here to help. That’s how we get and keep our clients.

Selling is a serious and intricate process. And when we say, “We bring you home,” we are making a promise we stand by. We are promising to be with you through every step of the way, and beyond.

What are the steps?

Interested in the process? Usually, it starts with your questions.

Like, “What can I get for my house?” “Will it be enough?” “Is it even worth selling?” Usually, it all hinges on those answers. So here is where we come in:

Without cost, obligation or pressure we do a careful, thorough market analysis for you. We don’t spitball, and we don’t guess. The answer matters too much.

  • We come out and actually see your house to gather information.
  • We frequently bring a team of agents along, to get multiple opinions and perspectives.
  • We don’t give you a number on the spot; we do our homework and share that work with you, along with the data that informed our findings.
  • We give you a price range. Sometimes price matters most to you; sometimes getting it sold quickly is most important. With a price range, we can be strategic about pricing your house to achieve your goals.
  • You can use that information to inform your next steps.

If you list, what then? We go to work immediately!

  • We help you think through what projects you should do – or not do! – before you list. Some things are worth your effort and money and some aren’t. We can help make sure you’re not wasting resources.
  • We bring out a stager, at our expense. The stager will give you step by step, specific advice to prepare your house. That advice can be worth thousands of dollars in your sale price.
  • We have professional photography/videography done. We won’t hit the market until it’s ready (there can be exceptions to this, based on the property and seller’s needs but this is the best possible course).
  • We may suggest a virtual tour. These are unique to my listings; you don’t pay for them but they will set you apart from your competition and give buyers an unprecedented look at your property.
  • We will formulate a marketing plan from here that is designed to get your home sold for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.
  • Remember, you pay nothing until and unless you close. And that’s a flat fee – everything we do is at our expense until closing and comes from our overall compensation.

A contract is just the start.

  • We’ll walk you through the often-harrowing process that only begins after we come under contract.
  • We’ll help evaluate and respond to the inspection.
  • We’ll follow the progress of the buyer’s financing.
  • We’ll deal with appraisal issues that may come up.
  • We’ll help guide you through title.
  • We can provide you with resources for your move.

Ready to learn more? Contact us, and let’s talk. We’ll take one step at a time, and make sure each one is right for you.

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